Colony Collapse (2014)

by Lump Sum

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Dedicated to Larry Alan Spencer

August 17, 1950 - September 12, 2013


released June 5, 2014


all rights reserved



Lump Sum Brooklyn, New York

Logan Spencer and Matt Morgan make songs and (hopefully) you listen to them.

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Track Name: Parallel Mirrors
An editorial note: you and I both on a slippery slope. I learn that love is fractal. Keep magnifying but the pattern re-appears, like parallel mirrors. Both hide under the guise of scripture. I'm a jealous god; I regret it. What befell us, God, I forget it.
Track Name: Eliza
Human or proven right, bias beneath us, release us to defy it. Deny us as unfit to inhabit what we neglect to defend but depend on, and scrape out a line in the land with a steady hand at the ready.

On tape, on air, fabricate. Play on to resurrect a long-lost way to eradicate despair with a simple set of seven reasons to be scared of a typical fate, like a familiar face in a familiar place, or the sensation of showing up late for your own wake.
Track Name: Solstice
The halls have ears: no form, the walls are sheer. I'm torn between paying and laying down.

Colony collapse: a rash of unborn promise, the crash of a toxic premise. I'd be remiss if I didn't address it.

It's only a momentary lapse: you're forgiven for thinking I'd forget. Even a lost cause deserves a first kiss.

They've got a polite secret: a white bread manner and a curious stammer when you ask what they're here for.
Track Name: Nuclear Ambition
I’ve got nuclear ambition; I know it. The energy of one is the ending of the other.

You decide to be wise or to hide from an honest reply.
Track Name: Big Sur
Now that you're gone and out of my life, a tide rises up and over the sides of the dam we built to hold back the flow, a song of myself with somewhere to go.

I made a retreat to the water's edge. iI the summer's heat, I wrote down a pledge. I waited a year, faithful or austere, to settle down on the same hallowed ground.

Just one fast move or I'm gone to the dogs, headed due north on a marathon walk, a lifetime of woe. Right there, I said it. Control what you can, unfold and commit.

Strange and marvelous--are we still dreaming or have we forgotten how to believe? Barbed wire marks the border to naked eyes but a deeper wound waits in plain sight.

Go to your desire--a blue pacific view, the smoke of your own breath you see through, the origin of a spectral marquee, torn down in time and swept away to sea.
Track Name: Insomniacs Anonymous
Only before the fall I remain silent, the mark of lover’s remorse, upright in spite of vertical drain, turning a leaf, a poem of force.

I am no more a man than a choice to go in blind but never forget. You are no more a sound than a voice. We unwind; we give up; we offset.

Welcome to all the insomniacs: the new hope for an old beginning, the second chance to be told that your last best hope is forgiving.

Welcome to all the anonymous: had it on good authority you also graced our doors and more, you lay down on the floor and withdrew.

You can pay for only the hard truth--what to wear and how to impress--but you have to learn to compare yourself to god, to fail, and confess.
Track Name: Dozen a Dime
Dozen a dime: a sign, a calling card, of living to starve on a diet of lives, one at a time, every kind. We have arrived.

Waiting in line for someone to save us from ourselves takes time and I know I'lll get mine, even if I would give it up to erase the way I finally caved.
Track Name: Half Measures
Rise and salute, sail on in blue. Disguise my gift: a pale sun for you, a change in time and a shift in space. A silent rift brings a warm embrace.

It's easy to see a perilous peace crumble away, but I'm foolish. I stay. In close quarters, the secret gets out. A half measure yields a foregone result.

Whenever the time comes, the answer is the same. Given wings, I take on a new name. When I sing, it gives me away.
Track Name: France
Open sky for a holiday in France, beat for a reason, out of the loop--a season on tour.

No reason to, but we drunkenly dance to an ambling waltz in a dark room--call false, play on mute.

Five years ago, we were not what we are. Part of me died and part of you grew and all of it shows.