The Score (2013)

by Lump Sum

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we grow older and our wounds become scars, knotty tissue to be sure, but also strong, and durable, and with a memory as long as you live. at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, we stop keeping score.


released March 16, 2013

all production, instrumentation and vocals by logan spencer


all rights reserved



Lump Sum Brooklyn, New York

Logan Spencer and Matt Morgan make songs and (hopefully) you listen to them.

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Track Name: Sanctuaries
I heard you had a dream about me. We fought and spit and screamed, but we made up and made love on fallen golden alder leaves.

We both found refuge in the same sanctuaries. On the breeze hung a hint of sage and saffron.

I heard you figured out the whole thing. We'd explode within a week, break down and part ways, repeat the whole damn thing the next day.
Track Name: Blondes
Into a bloodless place, a frozen space, with a cheap pack of cigs and couple of swigs.

The guys here have an ominous air and the girls all have blonde hair.

Not looking for a bystander. She's looking for a suit and a body; some guy, not quite sloppy.

Her body's a dance floor, but her heart is a trapdoor.

Sometimes, in the bar light, she pulls you close and holds you tight and out of the blue says she's been looking for you.

Sometimes, in the bar light, she pulls you close and holds you tight and out of the blue says, "I've been been looking for you."
Track Name: September/Sparks
In dreams I forget the meter; I can be the white knight. I give a nod to my altered ego, we ignite in a shower of sparks and burn slow under the roof of the portico.

We play hide and seek in the galleries and arcades. We move to cavalcades of unseen horns and bells and I'm sworn to hell if I show my whole self to you.

Tell the truth for now; tell the truth and shame the devil. If you find me masochistic, it won't surprise me but disguise me. As for me it's guaranteed to be a lie no matter how hard I try - I can never seem to hold on my dreams.

In the morning i don't remember; I have only my temper and dry eyes and your splendor in whispered sighs fades on a delay with static peals, thunderclaps and tangerine sparks, batted back and forth in the dark.
Track Name: Body for Hire
I can't tell if it's funny or it's ugly that half the time I want to hold you and the other I want to hit you.

Now that you've let me off my leash, I'll be nipping at your heels. I'm a body for hire. I'm a body on fire.

Someone should stop me; I can't stop myself, won't stop to help. Comb through the wreckage I left when I fell.
Track Name: Sunshine
I was amazed when the glow in your eyes gave them the look of a sunlit sky and I was afraid if I looked away, that you'd disappear with nothing to say.

Call me jaded; call me resigned; call me a fallback, or whatever you like. I'd rather be waiting than living my life. I'd rather be warm in your sunlit eyes.

I was wrapped up and you were unraveling. Everyone else
could see what was happening. I called you my only; you called me your other. I called you my lover; you called me your brother

Don't be afraid if the look in my eyes gives me away for the yearning I hide. Don't run away if you think you could try. It's my last chance; I'm out of time.
Track Name: Learn or Leave
It seems to me you need to be half blind to see the tracks behind catch snow together, hers and mine.

She said to me, "you've got to either learn or leave." I left that night, drove south under freeway lights.
Track Name: New York
We wrote it, read it, erased and shredded it.

Ink stains on our nails twist like bent steel when we reveal the product of our projecting, unnatural to a fault, like long lost cousins in this unwanted presence.

I've shouldered all the blame. It's simple in context, but I don't feel sorry any more. You've switched sides before.

Your headline on a front page, at center stage as I watched from the crowd. I could go blind trying to catch your eye. Would you notice if I tried?

You're more the speaking kind, but if you rewind the signs are clear. You go ahead while I disappear. You've switched sides before.
Track Name: The Score
I fell asleep unhinged and woke up stapled together. It lasted an hour but felt like forever. When they opened me up they left something inside: the hope that dreams of you subside.

Hard to say who owes who more, or if anyone ever kept a score.

I laid there and wondered if the calls from hall were distant voices or echoes from the fall. I built you up; I made you from shards of stone and ice and misplaced regards, so why did it come as a surprise when you melted away with creaks and sighs?