Crisis of Confidence (2012)

by Lump Sum

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Tracked and recorded between Fall 2010 and Spring 2012 in Juneau, AK, Charlottesville, VA, and a few places in between.


released April 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Lump Sum Brooklyn, New York

Logan Spencer and Matt Morgan make songs and (hopefully) you listen to them.

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Track Name: Hours (Denial)
It's not about who you are, but who you think you are. At least, that's what some bartender said he thought. He was drinking whiskey sours, as we murdered the hours, poking holes in our skins to bleed out the sins.

He cracked a yellow smirk and slid us another round, said, "you're probably all dust and you probably can't be found. Yeah, the fissures in the pavement make for a lousy ride, so many kids coming 'round the corner, scratching and biting for places to hide."

He said, "maybe I'm full of it. Maybe liquor is quicker and drugs make the pain better and sex makes you forget all the rest."

Maybe I'm full of it. I doubt I'd know the difference or feel the consequence. It would be way too easy.
Track Name: Juneau
We fell asleep on the beach with a double bottle of red; the shells and sand stuck to the nape of your neck. Drove all night, empty light; stopped in the trees, watched you become me.

Break down, forget it. Wake up, repeat it.
Track Name: Wires (Bargaining)
I know not to know everything looking in your amber eyes, mirrors with holes scratched inside.

Oh, I tried not to say everything talking through gaps in a wall, an empty river dotted in spires.
Track Name: We Can Have it All
I'm only here for the drugs. Sorry if you didn't know. Sorry if you said so.
Got some uppers for the dog days, downers for the others. Got some pills from my brothers.

I think we're on the same page: you just want to rage, I don't want to age. We can have it all. Don't even play the guitar. made up the part about the band. Forget about the car.

I'm only here for the drugs. Don't care if you know. Don't care if I say so.
Track Name: One-Way (Relapse, Part 1)
Yeah, I took every wrong turn. I found a few seedy back alleys. That's none of your concern. Just add it to the tally.

And maybe you were right when you said things always change, but most things still stay the same. Yeah, most things stay the same.

We had a few too many at all those dark parties. Sometimes we could barely see, or feel, or move, or breath.

So maybe you were right and things always change, but I'll stay the same if you'll stay the same.
Track Name: I Always Thought (Relapse, Part 2)
I saw you through a gap in a crowded room. I said to myself, "do you want to dance, or do want to get bit?" You moved and I followed, like our hearts in our chests, rattling along, breathing, singing.

I always thought I stole you, that one day we'd go away, grow roots, make love, and still play in tune.

But baby, maybe you stole me. And maybe, baby, you'll never set me free. It's fine with me.
Track Name: Wait (Depression)
You said, "the ends justify the means, or that's how it seems," that we grow up from scorched seeds. The only answer I could choke out was "tell me why, tell me how. Just show me, please, show me now."

Maybe i'm caught in halcyon dreams, with sunlight poking through the seams. At least i know where i wanna go. I can wait; I can change; I can fail.
Track Name: Crisis of Confidence (Acceptance)
So I guess I lied about it all; left out the part with the vodka and the girl from the city. Put her tongue in my ear and her hands in my pockets. She said no one would ever find out… that's not what I worried about - everyone said you were dragging me down. I want you to know I regret everything. I had a crisis of confidence.

So I guess I lied about it all. You didn't use me, I used myself. I wanted to fall. I'm a bony, bloody person, baby. I'm blackened and bruised, baby, weaker now that i'm weaned off of you.

It was a crisis of confidence.
Track Name: Circles/Going Steady (Relapse, Part 4)
Don't tell me i can't have everything. I've seen it in your eyes; you're ready. I think you're tired of going steady.

I know what it's like to want what you shouldn't want. I wracked my brain for reasons why I shouldn't dream of you and why you shouldn't be mine.

So stop telling me I can't have everything. I've looked into your eyes; I've heard your words and I think they're lies. I know you're ready. I think you're tired of going steady.